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Coming Home, Modeling, Peanut Butter

Return Trip Home
     The plane ticket back has been purchased! If you are viewing my journal from my website, then you have already noticed that I added a live counter for when I leave Taiwan. If you are reading this via Livejournal, go to http://www.bukoism.com/taiwan/ to see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds I have until I leave!
     Here is the itinerary from Taipei, Taiwan all the way to Savannah, Georgia for Catt's graduation.

          May 25th at 12:10 PM, Depart Taipei
     (One hour and forty minutes flight time)
          May 25th at 1:50 PM, Arrive Hong Kong

          May 25th at 2:55 PM, Depart Hong Kong
     (Eighteen hours and forty minutes flight time)
          May 25th at 9:40 PM, Arrive New York City (JFK)

     From there, my dad is driving down to NYC to meet me at the airport. We are then driving that night from NYC back to Boston, which should take between four and five hours, I think. The next morning we have to be at the airport by nine in the morning for our flight down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I don't know how long that will take because I don't know how many connections we have. It doesn't stop there. My sister is graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design on May 28th. So, I'll have like one day to rest, and then we all have to drive the four hours down to Savannah from Pawleys Island for the graduation and back that night.
     After that, I'm going to hang around in South Carolina for a few days, and then I am driving up to Boston. I plan on living there for the summer. I'm trying really hard to find an internship right now, but all I am getting is job offers from summer camps in New England. Hmm, I think that is about it. Oh, I want to get to Boston before the forth of June so I can go to gay pride. I haven't been to a pride before, at least one that was in English, and really want to see what it's like.

     I went to the modeling place. Turns out, that I need to have an ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) in order to be an actual model. Without one, I can be in the background of tv commercials and print ads, but my face cannot be identifiable. So, they went ahead and measured every inch of my body and did a little talent profile photo-shoot. The photographer was really funny. I walked into the room, and he just stands there and holds out a white-board with a marker on it. I stared at him, and he looked at the board. I then said in Chinese, "I speak Chinese." He let out this giant breath of relief and asked me to write my name and weight on the board. So, I did, and then held it up against my chest. He took one picture like that, and then started yelling all sorts of instructions out at me. I had to stand with my hands on my hips, with my hands behind my head, and then one with my hand scratching my head. Then, I had to lay on my side, leaning on this cushion thing. I had to look at the camera, above the camera, to the right of the camera, to the left of the camera, and then smile but not show my teeth, smile showing all of my teeth, smile showing some of my teeth, and then look serious. The last thing he did was ask me to look like I was just about to cry. However, when he said it, it was so cute and sad sounding that I burst out laughing. He replied with "Did you understand me?" I said I did, but I couldn't stop laughing. I eventually calmed down, and he got a shot of me looking all sad leaning against an ugly brown foot cushion.

Peanut Butter
     Back in the days, you know, when I lived in the United States, I never really had any special feelings towards peanut butter. However, in my time abroad, I have developed this huge love of it. At first, I didn't even realize you could buy it here because I almost never see it. Then, on halloween this guy gave me a candy that had chocolate and peanut butter in it, and I realized how much I actually do miss peanut butter. From that point on, I instructed every person who came to visit me to bring lots of Reces-Pieces or peanut butter M&Ms, because they don't sell them here.
     Every now and then, I will buy a jar of peanut butter and just sit in my room eating it by the spoonful. When I remember, I'll invest in some bread and eat it on toast. Though, just this past weekend, I was looking for gram crackers to eat it on as per the suggestion of Jessica Anderson. I stood in the cookie and cracker isle at the grocery store and couldn't find anything that resembled gram crackers. It was then that I saw Oreos. I thought to myself, "well, I do enjoy chocolate with peanut butter, why not try mixing Oreos with peanut butter?" Turns out to be the best grocery shopping decision I have made in my life so far.
     One more thing about peanut butter. I don't know why, but it makes me hurt inside. It feels like when I eat it, it sticks to all of my insides and makes my chest cave in. I think I should stop eating it by the spoon, that's when I get the most pain. But the Oreo/peanut butter and pb on toast concoctions both cause the chest pains as well. Eh, who cares. I am liking peanut butter way too much right now to let silly chest pains worry me.
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